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How does tanning work?

You always have two options in tanning: (1) natural tanning in a tanning bed, or (2) a sunless faux tan.

To get your natural color, your skin needs sunshine, which you can get in tanning beds. They provide the exact same results from the sun but in a controlled environment, which means you can get your completely even tan faster in a relaxing atmosphere, and at your convenience.

Tanning Bed Bulbs

The bulbs in tanning beds use sunshine UVA and UVB to give you that color, without the harmful UVC that you would encounter when tanning outdoors in the sun.

Sunless Faux Tan

To get an instant natural looking tan you can use a sunless alternative: (1) the sunless spray Autobronzer, or (2)Personalized Airbrush by Danielle. Both sunless alternatives evenly apply bronzers (also called “solutions” or “elixirs” by industry folks) to your skin, which give you an immediate appearance of a tan. The Autobronzer is private, quick, gorgeous and extremely popular among those persons looking for a great tan in a pinch. The Personalized Airbrush by Danielle is our premium sunless alternative tan. You have seen personalized airbrush tans on celebrities, supermodels, and playboy bunnies – it’s the ultimate in high fashion tanning.

Tanning Bed Benefits

The benefit to tanning beds is you can get your real color that will stay longer and help your skin to naturally protect itself in the sun.

Sunless Tanning Benefits

The benefit to sunless tanning is you can get an immediate result in one session. For example, if you need to get ready for an event immediately and may be short on time, the CalTan Auto-Bronzer literally takes 1 minute to spray and dry. Or, get a high fashion PLAYBOY GLITZ personalized airbrush for that bombshell glow seen on Victoria’s Secret runways.

How long will it take me to see results from a tanning bed?

It depends on your skin type and how much color you’ve got already. For the average tanner with a normal-average skin type it will take 3-5 sessions to start seeing results. You can definitely use more advanced tanning lotions and tanning beds to get a deeper faster color. Or for instant results, you always have the spray tan available to you!

Is tanning in a salon safe?

Yes! It is so much better to come in to a relaxing salon with Smart Tan Certified tanning experts to serve you rather than dehydrating and frying your skin outdoors. We can help you to transition into your tan without burning, which can slow down your tanning process. The best part about indoor tanning: it’s a controlled environment! So we can always help you to pick the amount of exposure for your tanning session.

How long should I tan for when I start?

When it’s completely your first time tanning or you’re coming back after not tanning for a while, you definitely want to start at a conservative time to ease your skin in transitioning to a deep golden tan. In a 20 min bed, the average tanner with an average-normal skin type may start out at 6-10 minutes on their first session. As you continue to come back you may either stay at your time or increase it by a minute or two to help you transition to your dark, evened out tan. Of course if you’re really fair or are using a different tanning bed your start time may vary. Our Smart Tan staff can customize a tanning schedule, choose an indoor tanning lotion for your skin type and set the amount of minutes to get you to the color you are looking for.

How often can I tan?

You should wait at least 24hrs after a session before tanning again. It’s best to give your skin time to fully develop your golden color in between tanning sessions. An average tanner with the average-normal skin type may probably come in 2 to 3 times per week (every other day) to build a base tan at the end of a month. When you start tanning with us, we can customize a tanning schedule for your skin type and tanning goals, at your request.

What should I wear when I tan?

Tanning beds and rooms are private areas in which you can wear whatever you like. If you’re more comfortable in you swim suits, by all means wear it! All our equipment is sanitized with hospital grade cleaner before you walk into the room. You will be required to wear a pair of sanitized goggles provided to you by Electric Beach to protect your eyes from the rays, since your eyes, even with lids closed, can let light in and cause permanent eye damage. It’s a courtesy from us, because we care about your experience.

When shouldn’t I tan?

You should not tan if you’ve done so in the past 24hrs or you are taking medication that increases your photosensitivity to the lights. Ask your doctor if you can tan if you’re taking any medication. You always have the spray tan available to you for instant results if you do not wish to tan in the beds.

Am I going to burn?

You shouldn’t. Each person’s skin type is different and that is why we ask about your tanning history to find the right level of sunshine for you — every tanner’s skin-type is quickly assessed by our staff through a few questions about your tanning history. Burning is a result of over exposure, and you’re in luck, because indoor tanning is a controlled environment. We can set the beds from 2 to 20 minutes to help you find the right amount of time that would not overexpose your skin – our experts will help you find the perfect exposure time.

What should I do for my face?

Your facial skin is thinner and a lot more sensitive than the rest of your body. Think about it – at home you’re using a special face wash and face lotion than what you put on your body. It’s the same thing with tanning, we always separate our skin care between our face and our body. Using specialized face tanning lotions, will help you to get even color to the very edges of your face and take care of your skin more specifically with the right vitamins and nutrients your facial skin is thirsty for. A lot of them have anti-aging and skin firmers in them (bonus!).

How long should I wait to shower after I tan?

Does your lotion have a bronzer in it? If your lotion has a bronzer in it, you should wait an 1.5 to 2 hours after tanning so that you can give the bronzer time to develop on your skin. IF you are using a lotion without a bronzer, you can shower right after you’re done tanning and don’t have to wait unless you want to. If you are using a “hot” or “tingle” product, please wait until the redness and heat subside from your skin before jumping in the shower. Always double-check with our staff if you have questions.

How can I preserve my tan?

Moisturized skin can tan faster, deeper and keep the color longer. So if you want to keep your tan alive, make sure you’re using the moisturizers that are right for you. As tanners, our skin has different needs and is thirsty for more vitamins and hydration that other people. Since you’re doing something extra to your skin by tanning, the store bought stuff won’t do as good of a job like the professional moisturizers that are made specifically for what our skin is thirsty for. When you use these lotions, you’ll find that your tan lasts longer and that you may be able to get even darker than before!

How can I tan faster?

You can tan faster by a combination of increasing your time in the tanning bed, using a more advanced tanning bed or using a maximizing indoor tanning lotion. The answer can depend on your specific time in the tanning process, your skin type and the specific results you are looking for. We are always happy to give you suggestions, just ask!

I have challenges tanning my legs, what can I do?

The legs are harder to tan for a lot of people. Legs generally have less circulation and microcirculation in the skin than your torso, therefore those cells don’t react as fast as the ones that can take up oxygen faster, like the skin on your belly or your back. A few tips or tricks to getting gorgeous color on your legs can include zoning a more advanced tanning lotion to your legs, using a specific Legs product, using a stronger tanning bed, using sunless foam to get instant color, and moisturizing the legs more often to support your skin cells.

How long is the tan going to last?

Your tan from the tanning beds will last as long as your tan from the beach. To make it last longer, use the better professional moisturizers from the salon to keep your skin hydrated.

What’s the difference between the tanning beds?

Some tanning beds are geared to give you more of a honey tone golden glow while others give you a deep olive tone. We offer both at Electric Beach! You will find the Silver and Platinum Super Cyclone to be geared toward a golden tan and the Gold and Platinum Ergoline to a faster, deeper olive tone. The Platinum Ergoline is a bed that tanners jump out of and go “Whoa! I got dark!”. It’s one of the most popular high performance beds offered at Electric Beach. Check out pictures and descriptions of every bed on our Tanning Beds page.

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